The “Poor Man’s” Iced Mocha

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When I was in college, we used to make what we called “the poor man’s mocha” which is simply hot chocolate mix and hot coffee. It didn’t taste exactly like a mocha but it got the point across while saving a decent amount of change from going to the nearby coffee shop.

I might not be a poor college student any more, but with no income due 50 States In A Year, I often feel like that poor college student, trying to figure out how I can treat myself without spending a load of cash.

When Blue Diamond reached out to try the Chocolate Almond Breeze Almond Milk, I wasn’t going to say no and immediately knew what I wanted to make – a poor man’s iced mocha!

I’m a coffee drinker through and through and while most of the time you’ll see me drinking black coffee, once in awhile I do like to enjoy something a little fun and special. Instead of just tossing in a bit of plain almond milk or spending the extra money on a fancier drink, I just made it myself!

I’ve done the cold brew thing a time or two but most of the time I keep it really easy and just save my leftover hot coffee in the fridge until I want iced coffee. Then pour in your desired amount of chocolate almond milk. Delicious!

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What would you make with the Chocolate Almond milk?

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