The Run When I (Almost) Ate A Bug

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Now that the weather has warmed up, I’ve been enjoying running outside as much as I possibly can. In fact, my new thing is to drive about 5 minutes from my house and run along the trails. It’s nice to have a path where you don’t really need to worry about cars except in a few select locations…but that doesn’t mean you’re completely free from concern.


The other week I set out on a late afternoon run, which as the girl who works out first thing in the morning is very unlike me, but with this different time of day brought different things to watch out for. Really, since there was more activity on the trail than there is at 7am on Sunday morning, it just brought those things to the forefront of my mind versus lingering in the back, only to come around if and when necessary.


So what are those, you ask? Aside from my physical safety (yes, I take precautionary measures!), there are 3 things that I try my best to avoid whole trail running:

  1. Eating a bug
  2. Getting pooped on by a bird
  3. Getting run over by a bicycle

And quite honestly, you can’t win them all…but for me, my biggest struggle is usually the bugs. There’s a lot of those little suckers and when you’re trying to just breathe and get in the zone, next thing you know there’s a bug that just ran right into your mouth. It’s gross, I admit it. But no one said everything about running is all sunshine and butterflies. Just be happy we’re not talking about poop.


So do I actually eat the bugs? Well no. Or at least I try not to but if you told me that I have, I wouldn’t be surprised…a little extra protein, right? 😉


Have you ever eaten a bug?

Tell me a funny story from one of your workouts!

10 thoughts on “The Run When I (Almost) Ate A Bug

  1. Jillian

    I have eaten my fair share of bugs and I also usually have to clean them off my sunglasses! Gross. I’ve never been shit on my bird which is good!! Unleashed dogs and inattentive drivers are the main concern when I’m running.

  2. Tina Muir

    Have I ever eaten a bug??? heck yes! I am thankful I have managed to avoid eating a bug so far this summer. Unfortunately with the miles I run, and how fast I go, I have eaten many bugs. It makes me want to throw up every time, but I just try get it down my throat (sorry for the TMI) as quickly as possible!!! Bleugh! That is one of the downsides of summer running, especially during workouts when my mouth is wide open haha

    1. Katie Post author

      Blech! So gross! I have loved running outside this summer but the bugs are definitely a big challenge!

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