The Self-Care Challenge

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I’ve been teasing a bit about this self-care challenge I’ve been doing but it’s time to finally fill you in on all of the nitty-gritty details. After feeling like my anxiety had been acting up more, I knew I needed to spend some time focusing on self-care. This was decided pre-breakup but after that went down, the timing really couldn’t have been any better…

I decided that I wanted to devote one day to a different form of self-care. I know that some days I will do multiple things, but the point is that I’m taking action every single day and also trying a few “new” things to show myself that love and care. I even put together a little calendar that I printed off and have been crossing off each day. I decided to start on November 1st because I like a clean start date. Obviously, if this interests you, you can really start any time or jump in now and join us. I got a couple friends to join me and it’s been fun to check in with one another for accountability.

I am mostly going in order, but you can hop around if something better fits your schedule one day vs another. You can also swap out some of my ideas for some of yours if you so choose. I know that not everyone has an acupressure mat, though I do love mine and encourage them! I tried to make a lot of these days something that wouldn’t cost a lot of money. Obviously, there are some things that will (eating out, massage, etc) but the majority are free or something you can do for yourself (an at-home mani/pedi or a hot bath with your favorite bath bombs).

Here’s the calendar:

Are you up for the self-care challenge? What’s your favorite form of self-care?

2 thoughts on “The Self-Care Challenge

  1. Charlotte

    I love this idea. I had big dreams of making October my self-care month and then I experienced a loss and surgery and that kind of all went out the window. I’d love to pick this up again, so thank you for sharing this calendar. Even better that most items are free, or close to. Xo

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