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spirit of life

There’s a part of me trying to figure out if it’s okay to admit that amidst the horror of Sunday’s shooting in Florida, I didn’t want to face it, almost like I couldn’t face it. I saw posts all over Facebook sending love, praying for peace, and showing the overwhelming lines of locals waiting to donate blood. The reaction from the community was beautiful but I couldn’t face the heartbreak of it all.

Writing is my outlet and I couldn’t find the words. I’m still not quite sure I have. Often, when that happens, I usually end up just saying none.

Sunday was also my final day in Seattle and in many ways I was just in my own world of self reflection. Maybe I just needed to be a little selfish, despite my heart aching over what happened in Florida.

I had no agenda for Sunday except to wander the city, so that’s what I did. I wandered for nearly 7 miles. At one point I wandered over to the Seattle center. I’d already been to the top of the needle and I couldn’t fathom the admission costs of the museums (even though they look awesome!) but I found a fountain and sat down.

I watched as kids ran in and out, trying not to get wet, though secretly knowing that was the goal. I watched parents dip baby toes in the water and pull them out just as fast, almost like a dance.

I just sat there and reflected a lot on my life, my trip, my relationships, my goals, my job, my finances, my experiences…everything.

I wanted a picture of the fountain and decided to accept that someone would be in the shot, so I just snapped and this is what I got…

spirit of life PIN

It’s life. All wrapped into one moment.

Regardless of your feelings about what happened on Sunday and what it means for our society.

Regardless of your personal struggles and problems and unknowns.

Regardless of money, jobs, and relationships.

Regardless of whether or not you want kids or just want to be there for someone else’s.

It’s life.

And I think this photo captures it perfectly.

It’s the spirit of life.

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10 thoughts on “The Spirit of Life

  1. Charlotte

    This is so incredibly beautiful and I have goosebumps. Thank you so much for sharing–I think you captured the spirit of life perfectly.

    I can’t think about it — but can’t STOP thinking about it. And all of my thoughts are jumbled and sad and I trip over words and am fighting to make sense of something so senseless <3 Keep writing, my sweet friend. XOXO
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