The Vespers “Brothers & Sisters”

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I feel like I’ve been slacking on Music Mondays lately but quite honestly, I haven’t been listening to as much music lately. While we’ve been driving it’s been a lot of podcasts and when I am listening to music it’s been a lot of the same thing (especially Mumford & Sons).

mm vespers

With that said, one song I came across a couple weeks ago and have really been enjoying is “Brothers and Sisters” by the Vespers.

I’m just loving this song and more than anything using this as a reminder for myself to check out the rest of the new album, Sisters and Brothers. Meanwhile, you should too!

Now you tell me, what are you listening to lately?

1 thought on “The Vespers “Brothers & Sisters”

  1. Katie

    I’m getting into the podcast “how did this get made” where they review different (usually terrible) movies and make fun of them. Even for movies I like I chuckle along with their review of it.

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