The Week When I’ve Been Able to CrossFit

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Don’t you just love that quote? It’s so spot on! While I’m in no way perfect, I know that my mentality has a huge affect on everything else around me and that when I brush things off and just stay in a happy place, then everything else is easier. It’s that whole energy we put out there, is the energy we get back thing. Love it!

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It’s been a great week of workouts for me! I planned a few RV WODs that kicked my butt pretty good, we had 2 event WODs and since we’ve been back in Kentucky for me to get my tooth fixed, we’ve been able to WOD with our friends at CrossFit Maximus again. I’m taking full advantage of having a box to workout at for a few days and just LOVING it!

Friday 1/9/15
5 rounds for time:
-5 inch worm with push-ups
-10 burpees
-5 tuck jumps
-10 air squats
Time: 12:21
Saturday 1/10/15
Pisgah Event
3 rounds w/ partner (1 min work/1 min rest while partner works)
-Kettlebell Swings (25#)
-Box Jump Overs (20”)
Reps: 362
Sunday 1/11/15
Bullpen Event – Isabel Meets Grace
15 Snatches (55#)
15 Clean & Jerk (55#)
Time: 3:43
Monday 1/12/15
Tuesday 1/13/15
Lunges (per leg)
Pike Push-ups
time: 5:03
Ab Tabata – 20 sec work / 10 sec rest
4 rounds each:
-Plank hold
-Criss Cross
Wednesday 1/14/15
EMOM for 12:00
1 deadlift+1 squat clean + 1 Push jerk (55#) on the odd min
20 sec chin over the bar hold on the even minute
2 rounds cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats – 2x through)
10 clean & jerks (55#)
2 rounds cindy
10 clean and jerks
2 rounds cindy
10 clean and jerks
2 rounds cindy
time: 16:06
Thursday 1/15/15

I can’t wait to see what you all have been doing to stay active this week!

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