The Winner…for now

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It took several layouts, lots of creative brain juices, lots of online research, and a trip to IKEA but I think I finally have the winner!  I got a couple ideas from other people but unfortunately, too much of a layout change from the initial idea and I think the whole room goes to scrambles.  And I think this current layout is leaving my open and available for a trip to IKEA tomorrow to get the furniture (or so I hope)! 

I’m still trying to figure out and decide what I want to do in terms of a curtain / panel curtain / room divider to section off my bed.  IKEA has some really cool panel curtains that are also fairly cheap but after seeing them, I’m not completely sold.  They’re kind of like a bamboo feel to them but the ones they had at the store were some what frayed and while I don’t know how long those sit out and they do get hands touching them everyday, it does make me wonder if they’ll go from fab to drab quickly.  And regular curtains would be fine for me but I want it to look pretty from both sides.  This is a small space and every inch is seen, so I want it to look nice.  Besides, this is all part of the “grown up” and “productive” space I’m trying to create.  

My shopping list for IKEA includes:
-2 EXPEDIT bookcases (one in white and one in black)
-new desk chair (I found one that was comfortable the other day marked as $59, can that be right?)
-LACK coffee table (in white)

Tomorrow’s purchase + yesterdays purchase will only have me spending approximately half of the money I decided I could put aside / would be reasonable for this little project, so there is still enough to handle the room divider situation, get a few decorative items (candles, anyone?) and put some aside for that new TV I keep dreaming about. 

With that, I present to you, option (and choice?) #6:

I’ve had several people impressed by my little to-scale drawing…heh I’m a geek.  And Justine – I’m serious, I will help you put this together so you and Henry can have your master suite! 🙂


Today, I am so thankful for all of the “thank you” and “I really appreciate it” that I received!

As some of you may know, today Apple launched iPad 2, which means it’s insanity for our stores.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a TON of fun, but I definitely saw the more stressful side of the whole endeavor being in my new role.  I worked until nearly 12:45 last night (err…this morning) and then was due back in at 8am, but I got there early, so I clocked right in and got to work (around 7:45 ish?).  It was madness from making sure line charts and daily sheets were ready, to coming up with solutions for cards for customers, getting food for employees, getting drinks for customers, to a lot of “hurry up and wait” on some major tasks.  It was madness.  Breaks didn’t happen.  And the so called “lunch break” was a couple hours late and consisted of about 20-25 mins long, to which I was still working a good 10-15 minutes of it.  It was necessary and I was okay with it.  I’m exhausted now, but I felt needed and useful.

I got a lot of “thank you for ____” or “you’re amazing, thank you!” or “I’m so glad you’re back here” or some other versions of people showing their appreciation.  It felt amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful for that kind of feedback.  

Did I mention I also got a whole new appreciation for some other roles in the store?  To sit and count card after card, and recount card after card, and compare my counts with their counts and then recount.  I did it for a few hours under pressure and time constraints, I couldn’t imagine doing it everyday all day.  And today, they were under that same pressure.  Madness, I tell you, madness. 

But now, I must rest of my sleepy eyes and prepare for the madness that could be IKEA on a Saturday.  Wish.Me.Luck.

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  1. Mom

    I really like your arrangement! Your place will have a whole new look. No wonder you are excited.
    Your job sounds like it is challenging and good right now too. Yay!

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