Then Came The Morning

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In Hawaii, if you’re single, you wear a flower on your right side so the guys know to approach you. If you’re not single, you wear a flower on your left side. I learned this while at a lei making class in Waikiki over the weekend.

The instructor made sure I knew to wear my flower always and always on my right so the boys know they can talk to me. I joked with her that I should switch my flower when I don’t want to talk to them and while it took her a minute, she got it and laughed. Then she told me to stay away from the surfer boys. “Good to look at but that’s it,” she said.


While I may be strong and independent, I’ve had my fair share of hurt and heartbreak and the feeling is definitely getting old. And as we walked the beach last night, I watched my parents walk side by side (moving apart only as I ran to sneak a picture), my sister and her boyfriend walk hand in hand, and I realized how ready and open I am for that myself.


As I sit in the quiet condo this morning, everyone else sleeping away (this time change is not working for me), I’m listening to The Lone Bellow’s “Then Came The Morning” and remembering those heartbreaks, those times when I had to force the smile, those tough nights but where the sun still rose the next morning.

mm lone belllow

Because regardless of the hurt and pain that we may feel at times, the sun will rise in the morning. Regardless of the struggles and heartbreak that life may throw our way, the sun will rise in the morning. Regardless if we slept the night before, then came the morning.

Flower – right or left side?

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