There’s a First Time for Everything

There’s a first time for everything.

Your first kiss.

Your first job.

Your first car.

Your first time hard-boiling eggs.

Your first time at a new yoga studio.

Okay, so they aren’t all necessary big firsts, but they are still firsts.  And therefore, they all leave an impression on some part.

And yesterday I had one two of the above “firsts”:

First time hard-boiling eggs

First time at a new yoga studio

I’m sure it sounds weird but every time I try out a new studio, I find it to be a bit nerve-racking. You never know what to expect in terms of the environment, instructors, and atmosphere.  I’m always afraid of being the “newbie” in a group of judging yogis or that I’ll be the one who forgets to take off her shoes and is walking all around the studio while everyone else cringes.

Well that didn’t quite happen.  But I did walk in before the other class was over…oops!  It was like 10 minutes before my class was supposed to start so I thought maybe I had the time wrong or something…nope, I was wrong!  I was embarrassed and felt bad.  I wanted to apologize to the instructor but I couldn’t; I was frozen in embarrassment.  I hope she understands.

But then came my class.  It was a small group of 4 but that didn’t mean it was easy.  It was hard and my legs were shaking like crazy.  Even when I got home my legs were shaking.  But it’s a good thing.  First time at this new studio – survived!

Have you had any firsts lately?

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