Things to do when you don’t feel like blogging

Now you all know that I love blogging. Heck, I’ve been doing it for six years, I better love it! My break hasn’t been because I don’t enjoy it anymore, but more because I needed that mental disconnect for awhile, especially after losing my grandma.

What’s been interesting is just how much more time I have lately. Quite truthfully, I think in some ways this is more mental than it actual is a physical thing. Sure, I have the time back that I would otherwise spend writing posts, taking and editing images, scheduling corresponding social media shares, etc, but there’s another level of mental clarity. My evenings after work suddenly feel more clear and free, even though I used to do most of my blog stuff on the weekends.

Anyway, I’ve found it rather interesting so in the spirit of good fun and maybe a little push to make sure my fellow bloggers allow themselves a break from time to time, here’s some ideas of things to do when you don’t feel like blogging:


I don’t mean blog writing, obviously. While most of my writing lately has been for my main freelance client, this also includes journaling and for-fun writing.


I have already finished 4 books this year (maybe not a lot for some, but a lot for me) and have 3 others in the works. I don’t really like to read multiple books at once, but I listen to audiobooks on my drives to work and yoga, and then read a physical book before bed. The before bed book is usually more of a “fun” read than a learning read, but someone recommend I read ‘Super Mind’ which is all about transcendental meditation and it wasn’t available as an audiobook through my library so I got the physical form and put ‘Farmer Boy’ to the side for now.

Go to the movies

I saw a movie two weekends in a row! This is a big deal. Especially considering the last movie I saw was not this most recent Star Wars but the one before…I still need to see the newest one, but I recently saw LaLa Land and Patriot’s Day, both of which were really good. If you go see Patriot’s Day, take my advice and bring some tissues!

Take a nap

This isn’t the Sunday afternoon I just can’t stay awake any longer nap that I was having for awhile; this is the Saturday afternoon, I just read in bed and I’m really comfy, I think I’ll just shut my eyes here for a few nap. There’s a big difference.


One of my goals for 2017 was to work on a regular meditation practice. It started with about 5 minutes of a guided meditation before bed each night but has expanded from there. Obviously, I’m reading about transcendental meditation and as such, am trying to incorporate that more. Just last week, I found myself craving meditation while at work with an oncoming migraine. It was just about lunch time so I shut my office door, turned off the lights and set a timer for 10 minutes of meditation. When the time was up, I felt so much more relaxed, calm and at-ease. I loved it so much, I did it everyday before lunch the rest of the week and plan to continue this pre-lunch ritual.


You all know I’m loving yoga and have been for awhile, but despite living about 45 minutes from my studio, I’ve been continuing to go 3-4 times per week. My new favorite class is actually new to the schedule at my studio; it’s a yin-yoga, super slow, restorative, and followed up with a guided meditation. It’s on Sunday nights and it’s been the perfect way to finish out my weekend and prepare me for the week ahead; it was cancelled this weekend because of the Super Bowl, but I plan to go as often as I can.

Do a puzzle

I actually haven’t done this yet, though every time I see them sitting on the shelf, I keep thinking I need to break them out so maybe that’ll happen this week. I have done another form of a puzzle though as I work on building out the rebrand site which is far from easy.

See friends and family

Obviously I spent a good chunk of time back in Illinois with my family over the holidays and after losing my grandma, which was definitely needed, but one of those movies was with my friend Mindy, who I also run into at yoga from time to time.

Take a class / learn something new

This is next on my list to accomplish! I love learning new things or expanding my knowledge on things where may I just know some of the basics. One of my coworker sent me a list of a few sites he’s enjoyed taking classes from and I’m looking forward to diving in and seeing what sounds interesting.

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Notice that was isn’t coming up on my list is “blog anyway” and that’s because I don’t think you should if you don’t want to. If you feel like you need a break, whether it be a couple days, a couple weeks or a couple months, take it.

I’m hoping to pop in a bit more frequently but I’m not making any promises. Like I said, I’m building out the new site and some of the writing I’ve been inspired to do, I’m actually saving for when it’s ready, but I don’t want to leave this space high and dry. I have a guest post scheduled out for next week which I’m so excited for you guys to see and then we’ll just see after that…but I’m not done with this space, that’s for sure. 🙂

What have you been up to lately?

25 thoughts on “Things to do when you don’t feel like blogging

  1. Jewels

    This is right on! I recently went through a break up and took off the last few weeks from my blog to focus on myself. It was such a great decision. I came back rejuvenated!

  2. Cristina

    I love reading book and I’d wish I would have more time for it. Also, when I don’t feel like taking care of my blog and everything, I like to go out for a walk. For me, is very refreshing and I get a lot of inspiration from a simple walk in the park.

  3. Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    I slowed down a bit around the holidays, and it felt so great! I do love blogging, but boy is it a lot of work! I love your list of suggestions — it’s a great reminder that I need to meditate, and read more!

  4. Meghan

    Oh man did I ever need this today. It has been SUCH a Monday with too much to do and too little time to do it…and honestly, no desire to write the blog posts I’m behind on. These are great suggestions for refueling, though! Reading especially helps me when I’m feeling uninspired. 🙂
    Meghan recently posted…How to Plan a Year of Blog Posts in One DayMy Profile

  5. Kate

    These are great ideas, I know I have been through time where I lack inspiration or we are tired and not motivated, this is such a useful post to list things which might give us the mojo again. Thanks.

  6. Susan Velez

    I agree with you that sometimes blogging breaks are necessary. As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to take a break and go walk in nature.

    I feel like this helps me come up with fresh ideas for my blog. Plus it gets me away from my computer and gets me outdoors and exercising.

    Great tips have a great day.

  7. Kimberly Hatting

    Blogging breaks are necessary! I don’t typically take extended breaks, but sometimes I just realize “it ain’t gonna happen” and let things go. I try to post three times/week, but if I don’t have anything worthwhile to say…what’s the point? It’s pretty easy to recognize blog posts that get thrown together and don’t flow because they probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place LOL

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