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photo-266-I bought this new shampoo a few weeks ago and oh.em.gee. I LOVE it! Not only does it smell amazing but leaves my hair feeling nourished.  I consider this especially important because my hair gets quite the tousling while looking so fabulous. 😉

IMG_2930 - Version 2-After the Boston Marathon bombings, I ran across this tank top on Etsy and with proceeds going to the One Fund, I had to get it!  I wore it on my run Tuesday morning and a few people driving by (that I didn’t know!) waved and seemed to show support.  It was a really cool feeling.


-THIS.WEATHER! Seriously, I can’t get enough time outside! For the girl who lived in Southern Cali for 3 years and got sick of the endless sunshine (or lack of other weather), you wouldn’t think this would get me so excited but it is and I’m loving it! I’ll still take the rain as it comes but when the sun comes out to play, you can find me on the deck soaking up the sunshine.


-A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try a variety of Food Should Taste Good chips the company sent my way.  I wasn’t expecting so much, but as this picture shows – I WAS CHIPPED!


I love how these chips are all natural, gluten-free, low-sodium and created without trans fats, cholesterol or artificial ingredients.  And seriously, they DO taste good!  And while I’ve got the sweet vs. salty tooth, who doesn’t love a good chip from time to time? Whether to have with some homemade salsa, guac or alongside your salad at dinner, these were awesome.  No joke.


I can’t thank Food Should Taste Good enough for allowing me to try their chips and especially because they’re allowing one of you to as well!


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Hopefully you’ll add Food Should Taste Good to your list of things you’re loving lately too! 😉


*I was sent this box of Food Should Taste Good chips free of charge; all opinions are my own.

**All other things mentioned are also just because I love them, no compensation was provided.


What are you loving lately?

9 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Mmm, I love FSTG chips! Did you get to try the chocolate ones? I haven’t been able to find them yet, but I hear they are really good!

    MUST buy that shampoo…and then resist the urge to eat my own hair! Lol

    HOW in the world can you get tired of endless sunshine?! Just move to Tennessee for the winter and you’ll never think that again! Lol

  2. Kim @ Racing Bananas

    Love the Food Should Taste Good chips – I was shocked to see the ones I have have quinoa as an ingredient. Awesome!

    I use the coconut milk shampoo as well and love it!

  3. Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

    Oh my, the last three afternoons have been BEAUTIFUL. Every day I get home from work, and have walked Shazam for 45 minutes . . . and it’s glorious. Too bad about the thunderstorms predicted for today. 🙁

  4. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    Those chips look good! I have the brazil nut version of that shampoo and conditioner but today I just bought some organic shampoo and conditioner, I’m yet to try it but I’m hopeful it will be great.

    I’m always loving my chobani. I’m also loving the warmer weather we have had in the last few days here after a very cold last few weeks.

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