Things I’m Loving Lately

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This week went by really fast for me and I can’t believe it’s already Friday. At the same time, I spent all of yesterday thinking it was Friday so who knows what that actually means. 😉

Anyway, I thought it would fun to share a few things that I’m loving this week…


More specifically Skinny Pop. I’ve heard people talk about it before, but apparently I’m just a little late to the game. It’s delicious! And then I found a cocoa dusted version and I am OBSESSED! It’s not safe to have around unless I’m okay with eating the whole bag in 2 days. 😉

City Walking


Spotted on one of my walks

Seriously, does it get any better? To or from work, the grocery store or to get coffee, I love cities that are walking friendly!

Giant Iced Coffees

Since I’ve been traveling for work this week, I’ve been getting a giant iced coffee before walking into the office to get me through the morning and it’s been glorious.


I’ve been treating myself to kombucha this week and I think it’s about time I get back to brewing my own. I miss it!



Especially when they’re in the most unlikely places, like among the rubble of construction. There were so many and they just made me smile.

What are you loving this lately?

10 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. Katie

    I’m all in on all of this! My grandparents found this neat plastic bowl that pops popcorn in the microwave, they love it because then they can control the type of oil and amount of seasoning, prior to that my grandpa was taking down costco sized bags of skinny pop, so delicious!
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