Things I’m Loving Lately

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My walks to and from the gym, instead of driving when possible.  10 minutes there, 10 minutes back.  The perfect warm – up and cool down.

FitMixer Amino.  I mean seriously people.  This stuff has changed my life and my workouts. (The FitMixer button on the right will take you to their store if you want to learn more about the Amino.)

Having Bachelorette and beer nights with my roomie.  What?! We’re girls, we’re allowed to have our girly moments.  And don’t spoil anything – we have to wait for it to be available on Hulu to watch.

Taking a week off work to go on an amazing vacation.  (I promise, I’ll fill you in on our adventures!)

 Beautiful weddings for friends that I love dearly. (More to come later.)

Photo courtesy of my friend Stephanie

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11 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately

    1. admin Post author

      Girl, get on it! I don’t have cable so if it’s not on Hulu, I can’t watch. 😉

    1. admin Post author

      I realized I planned out my posts for the week and didn’t include talking about my trip. There’s now been a change on plans. It’s coming! 🙂

  1. Julie

    I can’t wait to hear about your vacation! Oh, and I would LOVE to have girly Bachelorette nights–my husband refuses to watch it! 😛

    1. admin Post author

      Girl you’re in the area. Anytime you need a Bachelorette night with the girls, we can make it happen! 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      I only walk when I go in the afternoon or on a day off, otherwise it’s usually too dark / dangerous to walk and I have to drive. There’s no way I’m walking at 4:45am to my gym. No.way!

  2. Calee

    I’m loving that you’re loving walking to the gym. A few months ago I bought a new bike in hopes that I’d bike to work. Of course it got hot and I quit biking, but my car broke down a couple weeks ago so I’ve been forced to bike or bus. After a run-in with an oddball on the bus, I chose to bike.

    And I discovered I can bike every day! I work at a university and have a gym pass. So I’ve been biking to the gym and showering/primping there. Genius! I wish I’d thought of this before.

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