Things I’ve Learned This Week

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Well I made it! The 7 day streak of working has finally come to an end and today is my day to rest, recover, study and be productive before it all starts back up again (ha!).  I had one post planned for today but since I didn’t write it ahead of time and I’m absolutely exhausted (and the post would require me to use my head), we’re having a change of plans.

Here’s some things I’ve learned this week:

-I need two pairs of running shoes.  I’m at the point my miles are increasing each week (and will continue to do so) and I’m running through a pair of shoes VERY quickly.  That and I think it will be good for my muscles and joints to switch it up.  Unfortunately, I’m in need of 2 new pairs so this ought to be interesting for the bank account…

-How to save lives.  Yes, if you or your loved one or a complete stranger need CPR/AED I can help you.  I don’t have my card to prove it but I did pass. (Please don’t make me prove it, I’m terrified and hope that in the unfortunate situation I had to use those skills, that adrenaline carries me through.)

-Working 7 days in a row should never be allowed (and here’s to hoping karma doesn’t stick me in the butt for saying no to the girl who needed tomorrow covered. I.can’

-Things never go as planned.  Ah shoot, I knew that one. Why do I always forget it?! 😉

-My car is as protective of me as I am of it.  Betty tells me when the weather is so cold that the ground could freeze.  She’ll also scare you the first time she informs you of this, so consider yourself warned. 😉

I’m off to be productive – wish me luck!

What have you learned this week?

7 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned This Week

  1. jessie

    I was just thinking last night how I’m about to need a new pair of shoes. I feel like I just bought my new ones the other day! Guess that’s what happens when you put in 50+ miles a week! ugh!

    Enjoy your day off girl 🙂

  2. Calee

    How many miles are you putting on in a week? Unless you’re training for a marathon you really don’t need two pairs.

    That being said, I would get last year’s model of the shoe you like (and do get 2 pairs). Use the insoles from your previous pair (if it’s the same shoe) and pull the new insoles out of your new shoe. That way your feet don’t get jacked up from the new shoes AND you can replace the insoles with the new ones once the new shoes start getting worn in. You can repeat this process ad nauseum, but it should save you a bit of $ and save your feet.

    1. admin Post author

      I’m only doing about 10 per week which doesn’t seem like very much but I AM looking to start training for a 1/2 marathon and want to get more use out of my shoes. Part of the problem is that as much as I love my Nike Free Run’s, they’re not a stability shoe which is what I need. I won a pair of Mizunos from the FitFluential chat (though I don’t have them yet) and I bought a pair of Nike Lunar Glides (the prior version) so it should be the best of both worlds.

    1. admin Post author

      Exactly! It’s not as easy as you want it to be sometimes but all you CAN do is your best and let that be enough!

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