‘This Is Acting’ by Sia

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I hope everyone had a good weekend! I’ll be honest that mine was exhausting. It was my first week working both my full time job and this new part time job, plus several doctors appointments, running two websites and dealing with life in general. Yes, you could say that come last night, I was pooped. I came home from work, poured myself a glass of wine, finished my food prep for the week while snacking my way through dinner. It was well earned.

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I saw that photo on IG the other day and just had to share it myself, it was too good not to. It’s still been a very surreal couple weeks, but I’ve had a few moments when I feel like I’m taking back control and feeling confident in myself and my ability to bounce back. It helps when I’ve prepped the coffee the night before and only have to crawl out of bed to press the button…that always makes me feel on top of the world 😉


I’ve also been listening to ‘This Is Acting’ by Sia which has been quite uplifting, if I do say so myself.

I found solace in the strangest place

Way in the back of my mind

I saw my life in a stranger’s face

And it was mine

I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go

Where the wind don’t change

And nothing in the ground can ever grow

No hope, just lies

And you’re taught to cry in your pillow

But I survived

I’m still breathing

I’m alive

And also quite fitting, don’t you think? I’m still breathing, I’m alive, despite all of the heartache and pain.

Keep my sunglasses on while I shed a tear

It’s never the right time, yeah, yeah

I’ll put my armor on, Show you how strong I am

I’ll put my armor on, I’ll show you that I am

I’m unstoppable

I’m a Porsche with no brakes

I’m invincible

Yes I’ll win every single game

I’m so powerful

I don’t need batteries to play

I’m so confident

I’m unstoppable today

Even when life gets me down, I’m pushing forward. I’ve had some great ideas come to light this week that I really think are worth pursuing. I also spent a few hours on Saturday getting an entire week of Daily Aspire prompts written, graphics made and scheduled. Those never take me that long to do but to have it all out of the way will make the week feel so much better. (And hopefully allow me to just keep getting ahead and put my energy towards some other things…)

mm sia alive

How was your weekend?

What are you listening to to motivate, inspire and lift yourself up?

13 thoughts on “‘This Is Acting’ by Sia

  1. Charlotte

    Love the lyrics to this song–I haven’t heard it yet but all the music I’ve ever heard from Sia, I really really love. Her music is always so haunting. You are doing such an amazing job, sweet girl. One foot in front of the other, ya know? It’s sometimes all we can do. XOXO
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