Thursday Thoughts (Before Christmas)

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1 – The more I read blogs, the more I realize how important and vital GOOD photography is.

2 – The more I realize that, the more I cringe and nitpick at my own, and the more I hope for a “fancy” camera one of these years.

3 – With that said, yes that photo above is somewhat cringe-worthy for me…my photography has such a long way to go.

4 – But when you wake up in your parents house and there’s a pot of delicious kona coffee from Hawaii that is just too delicious to put into words, you photograph that moment.

5 – It should be pointed out that the coffee tastes even better after an evening of no sleep. But it was delicious coffee so the lack of sleep just took it to an entirely new level.

6 – And because I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how humbled I am by the response to the Daily Aspire announcement! I’ve been dreaming and planning for months and you never quite know how people would react..but it’s been absolutely amazing and supportive. I’m even more excited for the new year and to get this thing launched!

7 – I also highly recommend signing up for the email list if you’re afraid of missing anything…

8  – And while I have your attention, I should admit my newest obsession with audiobooks. I love podcasts so why would audiobooks be any different, right? Well between the drive home from Grand Rapids Tuesday night and the drive to and from a special event Wednesday, I started and finished Big Magic!

9 – While you would usually come back tomorrow to check in on my week of workouts, I’m going to let you know that you won’t find that. It’ll be Christmas and I really don’t think my workouts should take precedence over spending time with those around us.

10 – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts (Before Christmas)

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks, Nicole! I’m about to get to up my photography soon (thanks to my parents and an AWESOME gift) but I have to learn to use the new camera first… 😉

  1. Mary

    ohhh i love Hawaiian Kona coffee!! Such a fantastic wake up. I would love a fancy camera, I dont know how to use them, but it would be a lot of fun. Merry christmas!

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