Thursday Thoughts

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Apparently I’m full of alliterations this week: Music Monday, Tuesday Trust, What I Ate Wednesday, now Thursday Thoughts, and you know tomorrow will be Fitness Friday… 😉


But that’s just how this week has turned out, because they’ve all been fitting to my week and how I’m feeling.  As for how I’m feeling, here are a few thoughts spinning through my head:


-Watch the way you treat your employees – they’re the backbone to your company, whether you want to believe it or not.

-Keep your head up, ohhhh



-Don’t stop believin’!


But seriously, life throws us curveballs, challenges, and moments that we struggle through and we have to remember they’re just small roller coasters or hills in the great journey of our lives.  We have to keep pushing forward and believing in ourselves.  Keep on keeping on!

I keep hitting these speeds bumps and so I’m slowing down just to get over them and then I’m continuing to drive forward.  I don’t back down, not when it comes to my life.  Because it’s just that, my life!

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 5.19.09 PM

How do you keep on keeping on?

10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. KatieKatie

    I am hoping today was a better day, maybe you saw that cute guy at the gym again 😉

    I just think of all the positive things and things I am grateful for, that is how I keep going <3

  2. Calee

    I love your cheesy journey reference. Hope things are going okay!

    I keep on keeping on by finding something to look forward to (like a 3-day weekend this weekend!)

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