time to work on my game plan

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We’ve always seen Steve Jobs as a visionary and a man who made a strong, powerful and positive impact on the world.  And you don’t have to be a Steve Jobs or Apple “fan” to see that.  
My whole life, I’ve thought about how I wanted to make an impact but it’s always about finding the way that works for you, that allows you to follow your passion.  It allows the work you do on a daily basis, to not feel like work. 
Since Steve’s passing, I’ve been reminded even more of my desire to leave behind a strong footprint.  It doesn’t have to be on such a global level as Steve, but I do want to leave behind a positive impact.
After a really amazing and inspiring day yesterday and time with friends to refuel, I went to sleep with this thought: 
i have a strong desire to make a positive imprint on the world. time to work on my game plan.
I posted it on Facebook and Twitter and I’ve been getting an amazing response.  Quite honestly, I think it’s something most people want out of their lives.  We want to be remembered for the good and amazing things we’ve done in our lifetimes, however long or short.
As I was finishing my breakfast and coffee this morning, I pulled up my horoscope on Yahoo Shine and while fitting, this one really seemed perfect:
I don’t care whether you believe strongly in Astrology, follow it for fun or think it’s just a load of crazy talk, but I personally love to see the way these sorts of things align with what’s going on in my life.  And this morning, this was screaming at me that this is my go time.  It’s time to take the lead and put my plans to paper and figure out just what I want to happen and the best path to get there.
I have the drive, determination and perseverance to make whatever I want happen!
I have the knowledge and resources to overcome obstacles as they present themselves.

I have supporting friends and family (and readers) to see me through the inevitable rough days.
I have the passion, inspiration and strength to put myself out there and come out on top, no matter what anyone else says.


Remember, I am strong!