To Move Or Not To Move

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…now that is the question!
No, really, it is.  I was sure I was going to move at the end of my lease but that was due to a poor relationship with the building management.  Or so I thought.  It wasn’t until I emailed them last week to confirm the end date on my lease and find out above move out procedure should that be my decision since my copy seemed to be missing 6 pages, those included.  They confirmed the date and left the papers outside my door.  A few hours later I get an email about their supervisor is willing to discuss a reduced rent if I was considering leaving due to the rent.
…SERIOUSLY?!  I was positive they hated me and wanted me gone.  But I guess aside from making them do their job (in a timely and efficient manner no less), they have realized I’m a relatively quiet and easy tenant to have. 
So while I struggle to pay rent comfortably (does this every change?!) a reduced rent would be amazing.  BUT I have my reservations about this building.  Aside from the laundry list of problems that have arisen since I moved in, I have a few “requirements” that the place I live needs to have, and this building doesn’t meet them all, not any more.  And due to my recent reoccurring nightmares, this is a pretty important one to me now.
While the size of this studio is actually pretty good, at times it doesn’t feel big enough and the layout makes things difficult at times.  Coming from living in larger apartments in Jersey (and a nice layout at my studio in Boston), I’m finding the lack of separate space difficult for productivity.  My sleep space is also my work space, my chill space and my eating space.  That doesn’t work.  There is a reason why those areas are always separated, your brain needs the physical distinction to help create the mental one.  Which brings me to the fact that I could use to leave and find a larger apartment or a studio with a layout more easily separated to create the mental and physical distinctions.  Here’s the problem:  those cost more money.  This apartment is actually a pretty good price for the size but it’s still out of my budget and not really working for me.
What to do? What to do?


Did I mention my keys didn’t work when coming back from the gym this morning?  I wasn’t almost locked out of my own apartment building with my KEYS IN HAND!!

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  1. Mom

    So… How much would they be willing to lower the rent? Have you checked out any others lately? That is amazing that they might be willing to lower the rent. I recall being happy if they would just not raise it. How long do you have to make your decision?

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