Today is the day!

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Well everyone, today is the day, the day of officially moving!  I decided to forego a truck and stuck with a Cargo van instead as I feel more comfortable driving that and hope it will save some of the moving stresses that come up.  Though while maintaining relatively calm on the outside my insides are twisting and turning with all sorts of nervous energy.
I have 2 friends helping me, Blayne and Heather, the others who said they would help are either working or on their way out of town.  Just my luck, huh?  But either way, I’ll be walking to get the truck around 10, driving it back to my apartment and then moving will begin.  It’s a Saturday, I booked last minute and apparently truck rental places want to work super short hours making you rush to move so I’ll have to drop it back off by 2!  Good thing I’ve been moving so much on my own via my car!  (And I’ll be back for the last bits with my car because I ran out of boxes…oops!)
Anyway, if I can and I’m not super busy unpacking, sleeping from exhaustion or just too lazy from the day, I’ll give you and update on how it went later.
For now – wish me luck!