5 Ways To Treat Yourself When Living On A Budget

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I’m following a strict budget and as such, it can become difficult to find ways to treat myself that don’t totally break the bank. I may have treated myself to yoga which was quite the expense, but there are other ways we can treat ourselves that don’t require a lot of money.

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5 Ways To Treat Yourself When Living On A Budget

1. Buy a Coffee

While I make coffee at home every day, every once and awhile, buying a coffee is a treat. When you only do it from time to time, it feels special and isn’t expensive.

2. Yoga

I don’t mean a year-long yoga membership, I mean rolling your mat out in the living room and spending 20 minutes for yourself.

3. Light a Candle

This may not sound like much but lighting a candle is one of the most relaxing things I can do for myself. It’s simple and it helps me relax and remember to breathe.

4. At-home mani/pedi

While it’s nice to go to a salon and have someone pamper you by doing your nails, doing them at home can be just as fulfilling. Maybe even call your best girlfriend to come over and paint each others nails or just hang out as you do your own.

5. Read a book

I get this may not seem like a treat but I assure you that it is! When you find that book that really pulls you in, every moment reading it is a moment of happiness and enjoyment.

It’s important for us to treat ourselves every now and again, regardless if we’re living on a budget or not.

What’s your favorite budget friendly way to treat yourself?

29 thoughts on “5 Ways To Treat Yourself When Living On A Budget

  1. Tara

    I agree with almost all of these -except the coffee. I love my coffee dark and bitter, and just can’t find it anywhere but at home. I try and do most of these things weekly, and lighting candles each evening signals the end of a busy work day. Thanks.

  2. Farrah

    Hells yes for the yoga, candles and reading! I can’t give myself a mani-pedi at the moment, but the moment this cast comes off, it’s happening!

  3. Reketta

    Love your ideas. I’m down for spending an hour or two at the coffeeshop before or after work. A few hours of “me” time are needed during the week.

  4. Charlotte

    This is a wonderful list of little indulgences! And every now and then it’s important that we treat ourselves, because we deserve it.

    I’m trying my darndest to save up some $$, too. Things have been a bit tight and then work temporarily slowed down as soon as I made a GIGANTIC purchase on my credit card. Doesn’t that always happen? Anyway, this list came in at a great time 🙂 Thank you!

  5. KP

    These are such great ways to treat yourself!
    Now that I’m on a more strict budget I need to remember how valuable these little things can be – like staying in and reading a book until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore! Gotta love the little things in life 🙂

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