Treats of Truth

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I’m sitting here trying to write a post. Staring at a blank screen. My point being to write about the treats that I’ve had lately, because there have been several…

But life on the road is no joke and while we still get the people who call it a year long vacation, they don’t understand that it’s far from it. Most of my free-time is spent behind a computer, fighting for internet to send more emails to book more events or find new sponsors, to type up posts for one of the two blogs, to work on social media for myself, 50 states or Ethereal, to find new ways that Samantha and I can fund this trip. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. This year will challenge and change me; it will push me to some of my lowest lows and it will carry me to some of my highest highs; it will help me dig deep and find out even more about myself than I ever thought I could know. In fact it already has.

Yes, we take time to enjoy life, to enjoy our surroundings and discover new areas.


Yes, we take time to be tourists and explore the culture of this country.

10003023_1599616653595695_1338507785621954299_nYes, we take the time to be silly and goof off and workout in the Walmart parking lot with music blasting from the RV to keep us going while cars drive by and honk and stare.


And yes, these are all treats, they are all reasons to be thankful and feel blessed for each moment.

But I’m also facing reality this year. The reality that not everyone can have what we have. The reality that there’s a lot of work to do and we’re only getting started. The reality that your heart being in a good place doesn’t pay the bills or make this possible.

While the screen may no longer be empty, while it may be filled with words and photos, I think it’s only best that I now direct you to the 50 States blog today. Because it’s Giving Tuesday and while there are treats to be had and celebrated, there’s also people to help and I often find, the more I help others, the better I feel. It’s a treat in and of itself.

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