Tree Climbing!

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Would you believe I’ve never climbed a tree before?  It’s true.  I mean, aside from climbing a ladder attached to a tree to get into a treehouse, of course.  Well today turned out to be the day that this would change…
I picked up Tracey and Laura at the airport this morning, followed by an immediate trip to the ever so hole-in-the-wall (yet super delicious!) Tacos Por Favor.  We made it back to my apartment for a little chill time and then decided to take a walk to energize and get some exercise in the gorgeous weather.  Our destination was a nearby park but we kept walking and ended up walking about 3 miles total, stopping in the park on our loop back.  After making a statement that I’d never climbed a tree before, we decided today needed to be the day to change that.  So we did.
Tracey and Laura showed me how it was done first:


Tree pose in a tree:

Did you know climbing trees can make you feel alive?

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