TV Show Currently Addicted To – Day 14

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Can I just start out by saying that I love when people tell me I inspire them to go to the gym? Because I love it.  Exercise and nutrition are very important aspects of my life and to have people tell me that I help inspire them to make it an important part of their lives is just an amazing feeling.  Today a coworker of mine said that my simple “check-in” at the gym yesterday with a comment of how I never regret a workout, even when I wasn’t originally in the mood to go – made him want to go the gym.  I love that. 🙂
I’m gearing up for a crazy week at work – Verizon iPhone launch!  One of the other admins is out of town right now and since we will all need to be there through the whole weekend, our days off had to come early in the week and be staggered.  I worked a bit of overtime today because we need to be on top of our game and I want to make sure all of the “leftovers” aren’t being left for my coworker on my day off or on the day I’m working overnight for set-up and won’t have much time to be of help in the office.  I’m carefully planning out my week and time for workouts, as we know how much I need those to keep my sanity. 
Now to get back on today’s topic: TV show currently addicted to
As I sit here typing this out, I’m watching episodes of one of the shows I’m currently addicted to, American Dad.  Yes, I know, cheap, dumb comedy yet there’s something about it that has me coming back for more.  I think because as I watch it, it allows me to not think or care about anything but rather laugh at stupid jokes – totally fits the “mindless TV” category out there but I don’t mind.
But really the show I’m obsessed with is Dexter.  I mean how could you not be?  One of my ex-boyfriends introduced me to the show when we first started dating.  I wasn’t sure at first how I felt about it because it really didn’t seem like my kind of show, not to mention the strange plot where the killer is the hero.  Yet I quickly learned that I couldn’t tear myself away and as we finished season after season, I knew the day when I “caught up” was coming.  Since I don’t have cable, I have to either wait for the shows to become available online, download them or find a friend who is planning on watching and invite myself over to join.  Watching the show with people is always fun, so that’s not a big deal but since their seasons are relatively short (12 episodes), I’m constantly wanting MORE and the wait between seasons feels like an eternity.  I’m currently waiting for season 6…tick tock, tick tock!  Dad, I really think you should give it another chance.  Start with season 1, episode 1 and watch a few episodes.  I would guess less than half-way through the season, you’ll be addicted too. 
And let’s not forget Lost.  I didn’t watch an episode while it was on air and heard nothing about it or how it ended (phew!).  But a few weeks after the series finale, I started watching it.  Really just because I wanted to see what all the hype was about….it was GOOD!  I had a few days that I was sick and knocked out a season in 2 days (a couple different times)…heh.  I’m pretty sure by rushing through it, I missed some key information and didn’t enjoy it to the fullest extent but I plan on going back at some point and watching it again, just slowly.  It was good and I want to pick up on the little things I may have missed.