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This could not wait!  
Let me start by saying I had an awesome night with a couple of friends.  We went down to First Fridays on Abbot Kinney in Venice which was a lot of fun.  We started by getting coffee at Intelligentsia (sissy – we HAVE to go here when you come, you’d love it!), then got cake pops and potato tornados and did lots of walking.  It was crowded but a super fun, chill and fairly cheap evening with awesome friends.  Thanks for inviting me out Blayne & Heather! 🙂
Anyway, while we were out, we happened to be struck by the weirdest outfits ever – girls wearing TUTUS!  …uh…what?!  No, I’m not kidding.  I got pictures because it’s almost not believable!  Hey Mom, can you put my little pink TUTU from when I was 4 in the mail? I want to start wearing it again.  JUST KIDDING MOM!!
We think this was part of an event going on next door to the stationary shop we went into but at the same time, Heather said she saw something on TV the other day about “how to wear the tutu” which I guess means it’s becoming a fashion trend now?  I’m putting this out there right now that I am not okay with this!  I know I’m not one of the most fashionable people in the world, though I like to think I’m not terrible either.  I’m mostly a jeans and tshirt kind of girl (what? I like to be comfortable).  But there are some fashions I’ll try on the store and while I often find that I don’t have the confidence to pull some of them off, there are also some I won’t even try because they are too ridiculous.  This would be one of them.  My mind is baffled.  I mean seriously, what IS THIS?! 

They were posing for people…

I was trying to be sneaky.
I think I might be sick.  Gag.

Tutus are meant for little girls and ballerinas.  That’s it.  Sorry.  Unless you can make a cute grown up version that is slightly “tutu inspired” but in no way looks like a tutu, this is a trend I will not take part in.  Sorry.  You are on your own. 

2 thoughts on “…uh…what?!

  1. B

    Haha I do enjoy Intelligencia (it's from Chicago I believe), though the fact that they have become a chain kind of unnerves me–at least they are a chain of high-quality, great tasting coffee that's ture to itself. We'll def go there whenever I earn enough miles for the trip from the East Coast!

  2. Mom

    The sad thing is that we probably still have that tutu around here somewhere. Let me know if you need it. I did a little spring cleaning but I didn't touch “dress-up” clothes. 🙂

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