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Who else is watching the Olympics? I am! I spent most of my weekend streaming the games while working on blog stuff, cleaning my apartment, or in between errands. Since I’m just watching online, it’s been freezing quite a bit but I’m still getting my much needed Summer Olympic fix. I especially love watching swimming, gymnastics and anything running, though I got really into a bike race on Saturday and was mad when the stream froze and I missed the end. #thestruggle

road trip playlist

Anyway, Olympics aside (for now), I promised you all that I would finally share the Ultimate Road Trip play list this week and while it still very much feels like a work in progress (aren’t all playlists?), I think we have a really good base.

It’s funny because I had a hard time coming up with a few of my own songs to add, because lately, my car rides are usually filled with podcasts or audio books, and only occasionally do I play the radio or a playlist to sing along. Regardless, this is what we have and I think it’s pretty good! PLAYLIST LINK.

Now, in my process of finding a new extra songs, I noticed that Youtube was recommending “Rise” by Katy Perry and to be perfectly honest, I’m really not a Katy Perry fan. The video caught my eye “NBC Olympics Video” and so I had to watch and by the end of the video, I had tears streaming down my face.

As someone who has had to change her mentality to see herself as an athlete, it’s crazy to think of the extreme athleticism behind the athletes at the Olympic Games and while knowing I may be nowhere near where they are, it doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired to be the best athlete that I can be.

Maybe the song isn’t necessarily something you would be belting at the top of your lungs as you drive through the middle of nowhere on your road trip, but it is a song that you may play to lift your spirits or inspire you before walking into a big meeting or before turning on that podcast or audio book, or when you just need a good cry. 😉

Whatever the reason, I couldn’t let the day come and go without sharing it, and I couldn’t put off the playlist another week because a promise is a promise! So if you have one more road trip before the summer ends or want to now take one, grab this playlist (or a few songs, whatever) and have a good trip!

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What is your favorite sport to watch in the summer Olympics?

Any final road trips planned for the end of summer?

28 thoughts on “Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

    1. Katie Post author

      I can’t even tell you how tempted I was to try streaming at work but our internet is already SO slow and I knew I wouldn’t pay attention to my work during the gymnastics portion… 😉

  1. Kiara Catanzaro

    I’ve currently loving Cheap Thrills by SIA and Close by Nick Jonas! They’re on the radio so much, and I definitely don’t mind it! Great list!

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