Unexpected Tears and March Photo A Day

I left the doctor’s office crying this morning.  The difference between this time and the last several times this has happened, these were happy tears.  Unexpectedly happy tears.  And I’ll take ‘em!

I went into today expecting it to be like last couple months: ultrasound, talk with doctor, shot, leave.  I didn’t expect the doctor to tell me she thought this could be the last shot.  I didn’t expect her to tell me she was confident that she wouldn’t need to see me for another six months.  If you knew the number of times I heard I’ll see you in a week, month, or the ever so wonderful, I’ll see you in 3 days, then you’d realize how big of a moment this was.

We joked about how this felt like the end of this long drawn out saga.  I’m sure the office staff is going to miss my face. 😉

I was dreading today’s appointment.  I really didn’t want a doctor’s appointment during my stay-cation; it didn’t seem fair.  But it turned out to be one of the best things for my week off because it put the biggest smile on my face and left happy tears pouring down my cheeks as I drove away.  It finally feels like there’s an end to the pain that I’ve had the past 9 months and that soon I will return to a normal state of health.  I can feel like a normal person again.

A great start to my day.

Anyway, last week as I recapped FebPhotoADay, I mentioned how I was going to do the MarchPhotoADay because I had so much fun taking a bunch of pictures.  So, here’s week 1:

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  1. healthyfrenchie

    I found you blog through a comment you left on HTP. I don’t know what is going on with your health, but you sound so happy that it made me glad for you that you don’t have to see your doctor for a while!

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