Vacation Treats

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If yesterday’s hammock check-in didn’t give it away, this past weekend was definitely one for the books. It was filled with sun, fun and so many wonderful memories. It was a real treat. Let’s take a look at all the excitement…

1. Limos to the airport


2. Sand, sun and the ocean


3. Good food and delicious drinks


4. Getting to know these wonderful ladies even more


5. So many wonderful memories with some pretty amazing friends

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.00.41 AM

All the money aside, the weekend itself was absolutely priceless.


Question: How have you treated yourself lately? If you took a weekend away with friends, where would you go?

6 thoughts on “Vacation Treats

  1. Emily @ Sweets and Beets

    Those drinks are so pretty and colorful! I treated myself to a bigggg ol chocolate/pb/walnut/toffee covered frozen banana last weekend, and I hope to treat myself to a week of unlimited yoga soon! Ooh a trip… I’d go back home up North so see the leaves starting to change! Great post 🙂 Looks so fun!

    1. Katie Post author

      YES YOU DO!! It was incredible! A bit strong but they were trying to butter us up after messing up a few of our meals. 😉

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