Ways to incorporate PLAY into our days

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This is a collaborative post but as always, all thoughts are my own.

When was the last time you played? I was talking to some friends the other week about how we don’t often incorporate PLAY in our lives now that we’re adults. We wake up, get ourselves (and maybe our children) ready for the day, rush off to work, work all day, come home to make dinner, get ourselves (and maybe our children) ready for bed, and then go to bed. Wash rinse repeat.

Maybe there are some happy hours thrown in there from time to time. Maybe a trip to the gym. And don’t forget errands, grocery store trips, and taxiing the kids around town. But generally, wash rinse repeat.

So I ask you again: when was the last time you made time for play?

There are so many ways we can incorporate play into our days if we’re just open to it and willing to prioritize adding more into our days, so I thought I would share a few of the ways I’m bringing more play into my days.

Playing solitaire

When was the last time you played Solitaire? Ever since my brain fog hit an all-time high, I’ve found myself turning to practices to help work my brain. The more I play, the more games I win, and the more I find myself improving, even little by little. My go-to is a Klondike-style game with a 3-card draw or the Classic 3-card. It’s challenging, calming, and super fun! And even more, when I’m on a real winning streak, I get so excited and just keep playing.

Playing with Poncho

We spend all day together, we take several walks, and honestly, he plays with his toys all by himself really well. He’s not a dog that often needs someone to play with him, but if he wants you to throw his toy for him, he’ll drop it off for you so you know. But sometimes, what’s really fun is getting him excited for a play session with me. I’ll tease him with a toy and throw it; I’ll start dancing in the kitchen (he loves to jump around too); I’ll play a game of chase. It’s fun for us both.

Bring on the nostalgia

This is all about going into the activities we did as kids and maybe don’t do so much lately. Whether this is a game you used to play, the sport you participated in, or some other activity, what’s something you used to do as a kid but haven’t done in a long time? A few weeks back, I encouraged my family to have a bonfire with s’mores in the backyard. It had been years since many had even roasted marshmallows and while they may have been hesitant at first, we eventually got everyone roasting marshmallows and enjoying themselves.

Yard games, board games, and puzzles

Yard games may be one of the ways I actually see adults playing these days, at least during those summer months. We break out the bags and boards, set them up in the yard, and we’re good to go. There are many different kinds of yard games, so maybe you try a new one. When the weather cools off and we’re back inside, grab the puzzles and board games and keep the good times rolling.

It’s time to have more fun and PLAY. Whether you’re gathering with others or playing on your own (helllooooo Solitare.org).

What are your favorite ways to bring some play into your life?