We Write Our Own Stories

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We write our own stories.

Sure, we don’t get to decide the good, the bad, and the ugly that happens, but we do get to dictate how we respond, react and move forward from them.

We decide if and how we pick ourselves back up from hurt, heartache, or betrayal. The same goes for the joy, fun and goodness we bring to our lives. We have that ability. We make that choice. We have that power.

We write our own stories.

I started my Sunday in my favorite way, a short 2 mile run before heading to hot yoga. When class was over, I was sweaty and came home to make myself a delicious smoothie and sit down to my computer to get ahead on some blogging for the week. I really wanted to get in some strength work later as a mid-day break from the writing, so instead of hopping in the shower, I changed into dry workout clothes. I reached into my tank top drawer and without looking, pulled out my 50 States tank top. It’s my initial reaction to throw it back in the drawer and grab something else, but today I hesitated, looked at it, took a deep breath and put it on.

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I’m sure it seems a bit weird or crazy to many. I never really went into the details as to why my project ended early and I’m not going to do that today either (honestly, we’d be here a really long time), but I can tell you that it involved a lot of heartache and betrayal that I’m still getting over. Oftentimes, that means I don’t want to see or talk about anything related to 50 States.

Putting on this tank top was almost like a form of therapy. It didn’t mean that I am fully over or have forgiven the things that happened, but in many ways, it was a reminder that I get to write my story. I still have about a hundred t-shirts and tank tops left over and it would be a shame if I didn’t wear a single one because I allow it to bubble up so many emotions, so much negativity.

We write our own stories.

My story is different from yours and yours is different from mine and the next person. We all know that good and bad things will happen in our lives, but the important thing is that we’re willing and open to it and that we don’t let it fizzle our flame.

We write our own stories; are you willing to write your own?

9 thoughts on “We Write Our Own Stories

  1. Megan Gonzalez

    This is so true! My husband and I are both working on tempering our reactions when something we don’t like is going on. We take a few breaths and most of the time decide that whatever it is is not worth potentially spoiling the rest of our day over. It’s so healthy for us and leads to much better communication and an all around happier home.
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