Week of Workouts + #FitnessFriday 6 Linkup

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Is it okay to start this post with a request for positive, happy vibes, prayers, or whatever you believe? Because while I understand that nothing worth fighting for is easy, it’s been a rough week and we’re in need of all of the happy thoughts we can get. <3


Anyway, regardless of coming off the 5 event week for 50 States, it’s been a pretty crazy and hectic week and getting in my workouts has definitely been necessary for my sanity. I haven’t been running much the last few weeks and I definitely miss it! Note to self – RUN!

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Let’s get to my workouts, shall we?

Friday 1/30/15

FREAK – CF South Cobb Event

21 Thrusters (45#)

21 Pull-ups

800m run

30 Kettlebell Swings (12kgs)

30 Pull-ups

100 Single Unders

50 sit-ups

30 Wall Balls (10#)

time: 16:46


Saturday 1/31/15

CF Cairo Event

10 Power Cleans (65#)

20 Burpee Box Jumps

30 Kettlebell Swings (26#)

40 Wall Balls (10#)

50 Sit-ups

400m run

time: 11:06


Sunday 2/1/15



Monday 2/2/15



Tuesday 2/3/15

CF Protocol Partner Event

AMRAP in 30:00

½ mile bike ride

20m sled pull (45# plate)

10 yoke balls (10#)

Score: 10+2

Wednesday 2/4/15

2,000m row

Mobility work + yoga


Thursday 2/5/15

15 min AMRAP:

50 situps

40 supermans

30 step-ups

20 triceps dips

10 push-ups

score: 2+15 dips (I started at the superman)

Rocket City CF Event

3 rounds:

100 single unders

35 knees to elbows/knee raises

20m overhead walking lunge (45#)

time: 18:50

How were your workouts this week?

Don’t forget to link them up below!

2 thoughts on “Week of Workouts + #FitnessFriday 6 Linkup

    1. Katie Post author

      Absolutely!!! Since we’re always traveling, most of the non event WODs are CrossFit inspired body weight WODs. The 15 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) WOD we did yesterday was awesome:
      15 min AMRAP:
      50 situps
      40 supermans
      30 step-ups
      20 triceps dips
      10 push-ups

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