Weekly Workout Check-in

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I can’t believe how quick this week went, but let me assure you…I am NOT complaining. I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead with a mix of time with friends, running and relaxation. The best balance as far as I’m concerned.

A little Sunday evening self care.

It’s been nice getting back into my fitness this week after being sick all weekend. I’m so thankful that I’m feeling better and have been able to manage my stress this week to help get my health back in check.


Friday 8/1

2 mile run

1.5 mile walk

Saturday 8/2


Sunday 8/3

1.25 mile walk

Monday 8/4


Tuesday 8/5

4x400m (w/ 2 mins rest)


Wednesday 8/6


I fought my ego and fear and was unable to establish my 2RM for Snatch and ended up giving up. Not my proudest CrossFit moment.

Thursday 8/7

4.27 mile run


How were your workouts this week?

What plans do you have for the weekend?