Weekly Workout Wednesday #11

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Last week was B-U-S-Y busy!! It was one of those weeks that I didn’t realize how busy it was going to be or even how exhausted I was becoming until Saturday rolled around and I’m standing at my other job feeling the tears well up in my eyes and like any moment they could break through. My anxiety kicked itself into high gear and I was carrying a roller bottle of lavender essential oil around the store with me using it whenever it felt needed. When Sunday came around, I was MORE than happy to take a rest day from my workouts. I still had “adult” things to do to prepare for the week ahead and yoga to teach at night but tried my best to let myself rest as needed. An afternoon nap definitely happened.

Monday 12/3:

Step count: 10,496

TIU Daily Moves – Booty

1 mile run

Tuesday 12/4:

Step count: 12,169

20 min run

LG Fitmas – W3/D2

Taught hot yoga class

Wednesday 12/5:

Step count: 5,606

6am Power Yoga

Thursday 12/6:

Step count: 6,141

Taught 2 yoga classes

Friday 12/7:

Step count: 14,684

2 mile run

LG Fitmas – W3/D4

Saturday 12/8:

Step count: 14,384

1 mile run/1 min walk – 20 mins

Sunday 12/9:

Step count: 9,151


Taught hot yoga

How did you stay active this week?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #11

  1. Charlotte

    I love a good afternoon nap. ❤️ And for a busy week, you were able to get in a lot of steps and yoga and workouts—way to go!

    Wishing you a week free of anxiety, my dear!

  2. Beth

    An afternoon nap happened for me on Sunday too. No shame. We gotta let ourselves rest when we feel the need! Sounds like you still had a pretty active week of workouts.

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