Weekly Workout Wednesday #12

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Christmas is less than a week away. For so many reasons, I can hardly believe it but with just a few more work days left in this week, a holiday weekend with my family and friends back home is within reach. I can hardly wait for a few days away surrounded by some of my favorite people and hopefully a little downtime to rest.

Anyway, I’m really excited to share that last week I was selected in the lottery for 2019 Chicago Marathon! It’s not until October but I love having goals and things to work on so this will be a great goal for my 2019 year. I’m also planning to run the River Bank Run in Grand Rapids which is 16 miles. This is giving me reason to focus on my running quite a bit and I’ve already been following a plan for the RBR. The distances are short but I’m running more days per week than normal which is something to get used to but I also like having a training plan to follow and hold me accountable and this is definitely working for me.

Workouts are really my form of therapy and when life is a little hectic, confusing, and heart-breaking right now, my workouts are what helps me stay sane. I mention this because this isn’t for you to compare your fitness levels to mine, I share to help hold myself accountable and hopefully inspire others to take any kind of action to live a healthier life. With that said, let’s get on to my workouts…

Monday 12/10:

Step count: 8,464

1 mile run

W4/D1 – Upper Body Circuit

Tuesday 12/11:

Step count: 6,819

Power Yoga class

Wednesday 12/12:

Step count: 9,955

20 minute HIIT Treadmill Run

TIU Ab workout

Thursday 12/13:

Step count: 12,031

2 mile run

W4/D3 – Legs & Butt

Teach 2 yoga classes

Friday 12/14:

Step count: 7,574


Saturday 12/15:

Step count: 13,224

2.5 mile run

Sunday 12/16:

Step count: 8,487

Teach 1 yoga class

W4/D5 – Upper Body

Ab workout

Are you setting any fitness goals for the new year?

12 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #12

  1. Emily

    Congratulations on being selected for the 2019 Chicago Marathon! That is amazing! I have to get to working out. I always struggle to work out during winter so I’ll have to come up with a new workout routine.

  2. Beth

    Ooh yay for being selected for the Chicago Marathon! That is super exciting! Definitely something to work toward! I am hoping to get back to doing some races in 2019, we’ll see how things go. They’d be 5ks, but they’d be something!

  3. Anthea

    Congratulations on being selected in the lottery for the 2019 Chicago Marathon!
    Totally agree that workouts can be a form of therapy especially when life is hectic. I’m finding that with yoga I feel so calm afterwards and I’m always glad I went.
    I keep meaning to do one of these posts – hopefully in the new year.
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