Weekly Workout Wednesday #14

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The new year is here! I hope you all are having a great start to the new year. I’m heading back into the office today and I have to admit, it’s been nice to have some time away. Even though I’ve still had some work to do and been connected to email, having the physical time away from the office has helped me recharge. It also furthers my feelings that allowing employees to work remote (whether at home or various other locations) can be really important and impactful for overall mental health, happiness, productivity, and creativity. Anyway, I’ll step off my soap box because we’re here to talk fitness today, right? Right…

I have some big fitness goals for 2019 which if you read about my goals the other day then you know the biggest being running my first FULL marathon. While that won’t be happening until October, I’m seeing the months leading up to that to be all about conditioning my body to be in the best and strongest place both physically and mentally. A few years ago I was training for the Chicago Marathon but with the mental stress of my life, I struggled to also balance the mental struggle of marathon training and ultimately had to make the choice to withdraw my entry. I’m determined that this year will be my year and I want to make sure I’m in the best place possible. I’m debating some other shorter races leading up to it but there isn’t anything else actually on the books (yet).

With that said, I ended 2018 by listening to my body. I got in a few workouts but I also chose some additional rest and less movement. Mentally it was rough but I’m optimistic that 2019 is going to be full of bright lights, abundance, love, joy, and growth. Here are last week’s workouts:

Monday 12/24:
Step count: 6,321

Tuesday 12/25:
Step count: 7,416
2.5 mile run

Wednesday 12/26:
Step count: 11,563
2 mile run
CNC 21-15-9 full body workout

Thursday 12/27:
Step count: 6,055
Taught 2 yoga classes

Friday 12/28:
Step count: 6,167
60 minute hot yoga class

Saturday 12/29:
Step count: 19,808
3 mile run

Sunday 12/30:
Step count: 4,597
Taught yoga class
Took restorative yoga class

Are you setting any fitness goals for 2019?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #14

  1. ShootingStarsMag

    Great job! I’m kind of curious about looking into races that let you walk…I’m never going to be a runner, but I really want to get out and walk more, so I think a walk-race would be a motivating reason to really get moving more often. I still have my dance classes though and I love those!

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  2. Beth

    My fitness goals are to continue lifting weights with my husband and adding weight as I can. And I hope to get out and do a 5k or two this year.

  3. Sara

    I am going to ask for a fitbit or something for my birthday because I’d really like to track my steps. I really wonder how many I’m getting in a day.

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