Weekly Workout Wednesday #16

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Happy Wednesday! I meant to check in on Monday but it was a busy weekend over here and I was busy bonding with my new little buddy…if you follow me on Instagram and watched my stories recently, you may have already seen but otherwise I’m happy to introduce you to Poncho! 

Poncho is an 8-10 month old black lab that I rescued last weekend. I’ve been debating getting a dog for YEARS and finally decided it was time to stop putting off something that would bring me joy, love, and companionship. I wasn’t willing to rush the process as I wanted to make sure I found the right dog for me and as it would turn out, that came a lot quicker than expected. We are settling in nicely, we have some training to do (for both of us), but he’s already potty trained, great around other dogs, and a great mix of excited to go for a long walk but also willing to snuggle on the couch after a long day. 

He’s also great for my step count…you won’t see it so much with the workouts below but you’ll definitely notice it next week! Anyway, here’s how last week went…

Monday 1/7:
Step count: 10,731
2 mile run
Studio TIU workout
100 Ab Challenge

Tuesday 1/8:
Step count: 10,547
1 min run/1 min walk for 30 minutes
Studio TIU workout
60 min Power Yoga Class

Wednesday 1/9:
Step count: 11,319
2 mile run
100 Ab Challenge

Thursday 1/10:
Step count: 10,013
TIU Daily Moves
Walk 8 mins .38 miles
Taught 2 yoga classes

Friday 1/11:
Step count: 9,021

Saturday 1/12:
Step count: 16,393
3 mile run

Sunday 1/13:
Step count: 9,748
TIU daily moves
Taught 1 yoga class

How has your week been? 

8 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #16

  1. Shann Eva

    Awe! Congratulations! What a cutey! I love how you posted your step count and activity for each day. I finally got a Fitbit, so I’m trying to figure it all out.

  2. Anthea

    Congratulations! I saw Poncho on FB and I’m so happy for you!

    Well done on an awesome week of workouts. Seriously even on your rest days you get the steps in – mine are a lot less – I need to move around more at work!
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  3. Beth

    Aww, Hi Poncho! What a sweet pup! I am so glad you found the dog that was right for you and I bet you’re going to have lots of fun together!! Congratulations!

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