Weekly Workout Wednesday #18

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One thing I didn’t really anticipate was that it would be harder to fit my workouts in once getting the pup, but it has been hard. He has some separation anxiety issues that we’re working through so I’m trying to limit my time away especially in the early morning hours when I know neighbors are sleeping. I’m hoping once the weather warms up a bit, we can go for runs together but this crazy winter weather it’s safe for either of us to be outside very long.

The good news is that I am finding ways to sneak in my workouts anyway which helps with my sanity, as well as my health. I didn’t get to run as much as I would have liked last week but hoping this week I’ll find a few more moments, even if they’re not at my ideal time. Meanwhile, please send good thoughts at I try to exhaust a puppy when we can’t spend much time outside due to the extreme cold and snow currently bombarding West Michigan…

Monday 1/21:
Step count: 7,852

Tuesday 1/22:
Step count: 14,957
2 mile run

Wednesday 1/23:
Step count: 15,723
Team training circuit workout

Thursday 1/24:
Step count: 9,818

Friday 1/25:
Step count: 10,795
10 min Studio TIU HIIT
10 min Studio TIU Abs

Saturday 1/26:
Step count: 20,660
3 mile run
Sandy Core – Studio TIU

Sunday 1/27:
Step count: 9,600

How were your workouts last week? Are you staying accountable to your health/fitness goals for the new year? If not, how can I help?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #18

  1. Beth

    I hope that you can figure out a good balance with the pup soon! Or that it warms up soon. I could certainly go for warmer weather!

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