Weekly Workout Wednesday #20

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For the last few weeks, I’ve been working out with my team at work Wednesday afternoons. You may have noticed “team training” listed as my workout. While I don’t usually need someone to hold me accountable to working out, it’s been really nice. Our trainer, Lauren, is super nice, plans workouts that really push us, but also keeps it adaptable to each of our levels. It’s helpful for me to have someone hand me a heavier weight because they know I can do more than I want to let myself and add in movements that either I don’t have the equipment for in my current apartment gym or don’t like to plan for myself because it’s not my favorite (which means I really should be doing it). 

I mention this because this past week, we got TWO sessions in for team training to make up for the gym being closed due to the Polar Vortex hitting West Michigan the week prior. I LOVED it, even though the team was a bit grouchy on Monday, I loved the extra push in my workouts. 

I’m also curious about something…I’ve been playing with making some of my own workouts again. I follow a lot of Tone It Up Training Programs (because they’re so easy to do anywhere with little to no equipment – perfect for my living room or apartment fitness center) or running plans, but since my NASM CPT is renewed, I feel more comfortable sharing my own workouts again. So I ask..would you like to see more workouts on the blog again? Let me know!

Step count: 14,379
Team Training

Tuesday 2/5:
Step count: 14,011
TIU – Upper Body Daily Moves

Wednesday 2/6:
Step count: 16,138
Team Training
2 mile run

Thursday 2/7:
Step count: 8,693

Friday 2/8:
Step count: 16,711
3 mile run

Step count: 11,598
3 x 15: sumo squats, deadlifts, wood chops, lateral raise + external rotation, upright row
3×15: curls, toe taps, bicycle, v-ups, plank step outs

Sunday 2/10:
Step count: 20,598
5 mile run

How were your workouts last week? Do you want to see more workouts shared on the blog (not just my weekly recaps)? What kind of workouts would be most helpful for you? 

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