Weekly Workout Wednesday #22

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The pup and I are starting to get into a routine over here. As I mentioned on Monday, he’s starting to settle into our routine and with that, I’m sure is trusting that I WILL come home to him at the end of the day. It’s making getting in workouts a little easier, at least on the weekends. I’m still playing around with sneaking in a short run after work one day a week and morning workouts are happening in the living room, but when he’s not barking during a weekend long run, it makes me feel better about staying a little bit longer to add to the workout…which is exactly what happened this past weekend! 

I think I’m going to play around with some more ideas for morning workouts that I can do from my living room that may help me feel like I’m getting more of a workout or that I’m more motivated to complete, but Poncho is great about curling up on the couch in those early mornings and continuing to snooze while I get some movement in. With that said, let’s take a look at what last week’s workouts looked like…

Monday 2/18:
Step count: 10,354
TIU Daily Moves – Total Body

Tuesday 2/19:
Step count: 17,595
TIU – Bootylicious
3 mile run

Wednesday 2/20:
Step count: 13,346
Team Training

Thursday 2/21:
Step count: 16,866
3 mile run

Friday 2/22:
Step count: 12,323

Saturday 2/23:
Step count: 19,037
5 mile run
TIU Daily Moves – Total Body

Sunday 2/24:
Step count: 11,898

How were you able to stay active last week? Would you be interested in me sharing my living room workouts that I create?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #22

    1. Katie Post author

      I just love that they’re easily accessible and adaptable to whatever time I have, space I’m in, or if I want to go heavier or lighter that day!

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