Weekly Workout Wednesday #23

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Oh man, friends. My hamstrings this week were TIGHT! Honestly, I’m not really even sure why…maybe Monday’s Booty workout? Tuesday was a rest day and they were tight Wednesday but I thought my workout would help loosen anything up but instead I woke up Wednesday night with my hamstrings in so much pain! I’m sure I needed more water and stretching but it didn’t make for a great night of sleep. Thankfully, as Thursday progressed my legs loosened up and after teaching a couple of yoga classes, I was feeling MUCH better. 

This week I also got back into running outside which felt SO nice! I still need to get myself a new pair of gloves for running outside so I may have to see what’s on sale this month, but aside from chilly hands, it felt so nice. I ran through a nearby quiet neighborhood and ran in the street (being mindful of cars, obvi) to help dodge ice, snow, and hopefully more slick spots. It just felt so nice to ditch the treadmill for a run. I don’t mind the treadmill, but it’s also really nice to get outside, get some fresh air, connect with nature, and I actually run quite a bit faster outside than on the treadmill. Go figure.

Here’s what the whole week workouts looked like last week…

Monday 2/25:
Step count: 10,931
TIU Daily Moves – Booty
Studio – Yoga Sculpt Abs

Tuesday 2/26:
Step count: 8,980

Wednesday 2/27:
Step count: 14,451
1 mile run
Team training

Thursday 2/28:
Step count: 11,028
Studio TIU – Barre Abs

Friday 3/1:
Step count: 16,398
3 mile run

Saturday 3/2:
Step count: 12,532
Studio TIU – Total Body Love
TIU Daily Moves – Total Body
20 minute stationary bike

Sunday 3/3:
Step count: 24,772
6 mile run

How were you able to get active last week?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #23

  1. Beth

    I run outside faster than I do on a treadmill too. There is something about a treadmill that I just don’t feel comfortable with!

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