Weekly Workout Wednesday #24

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I feel like I don’t have that much to say this week. My brain is a bit foggy as I’m gearing up for a busy weekend of supporting a yoga retreat in the area. I’m pretty excited about it, but it also means I’m trying to get organized for Poncho to be taken care of while also getting every other aspect of my life ready and prepared so I don’t spend my Sunday running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off. 

Anyway, one of my goals for March was to attend 2 fitness classes as a student and I got one out of the way last week. I tried a Barre studio here in Grand Rapids. I’ve tried barre before (at a different studio) and wasn’t really sure how I felt. Trying a new studio I thought may give me more clarity on my opinion of the workout but I can’t say it did. The thing about barre is that you basically work small muscles to burnout, the music seems to be turned up, the instructor is mic’d and honestly, hard to hear, and when you’re not really sure what every cue is, it’s hard not to get a bit frustrated. I think that’s basically how my experiences have gone…maybe more classes, more consistently would change my opinion, but I’m also willing to accept that it may not be my style of workout (for now, at least). With that said, let’s flash back to my other workouts this past week and see how they went…

Monday 3/4:
Step count: 10,774
Yoga Core Quickie
TIU – Daily Moves (Total Body)

Tuesday 3/5:
Step count: 11,059
Barre Class

Wednesday 3/6:
Step count: 12,284
Team Training Workout

Thursday 3/7:
Step count: 8,028
Yoga Arm Tone
TIU Daily Moves – Arms

Friday 3/8:
Step count: 19,100
TIU Daily Moves – Booty

Saturday 3/9:
Step count: 11,836

Sunday 3/10:
Step count: 21,751
6 mile run

How’s your week going? Anything fun you’re looking forward to this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #24

  1. Beth

    I tried barre once too and felt the same way, it was hard to hear the instructor and it was also hard to see what we were supposed to be doing. It’s just not the right workout for me and that’s ok!

  2. Shann Eva

    I’ve never really enjoyed a barre workout either. I come from a ballet background, and it goes against a lot of things that I have ingrained in my body. Nice job with the steps this week! I’ve been working on running a little each day, and so far it’s been helping me with my steps a lot.

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