Weekly Workout Wednesday #3

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I was really hoping to get another post up before today’s workout recap but I’ve been trying to take it a bit easier after a bit of a scare last week (I’ll explain in a moment) which meant weekend naps, reading on the couch, and not using my brain or body when I was feeling tired. I’m kind of kidding, but not really. With that said, I’m working to get the post up later this week OR Monday at the latest. 🙂 

So backing up to last Tuesday, I was sitting at a lunch meeting for work. We had just finished eating and paying the bill. Conversations were wrapping up and all of a sudden I started getting really nauseous. It came out of nowhere and I chalked it up to the bacon on my salad. (Note, the only meat I eat is fish and eggs with the occasional bacon when I’m low iron and my body craves it. It wasn’t craving it this day but this salad was the only thing on the menu that fit within my dietary restrictions so I went for it.) I thought about getting up from the table and excusing myself for the restroom just in case, when all of a sudden, things started getting dark. I have a history of fainting and blacking out so I knew to stay put. I had a brief thought of needing to say something to my boss that I wasn’t feeling well but before words could come out of my mouth, I was waking up with my boss and one of the other guys at the meeting holding me up. I had passed out.

I was taken to the ER and after about 3 hours was confirmed what I’ve been told with every other past incident, likely a sudden drop in blood pressure. There’s a fancier term for it but that’s the gist. In an effort to ensure I don’t overdo it (which I have a tendency to do), I took the rest of the week SUPER easy. I already got my workout in Tuesday morning but the rest of that day was relaxed, I took Wednesday and Thursday off from any workouts, and found a sub to teach my yoga classes Thursday night. I am feeling better but still trying to stay really mindful and make sure my body isn’t coming down with something. If I’m tired, I’m resting. 

Anyway, with that fun out of the way, here are my workouts from last week.

Monday 10/8:

Step count: 6,991

LG Upper Body – Chest & Shoulders

5 minute jump rope HIIT

LG ab workout

Tuesday 10/9:

Step count: 9,638

2 mile run

LG Extreme workout – Legs (1 round)

Wednesday 10/10: 

Step count: 3,950


Thursday 10/11:

Step count: 3,705


Friday 10/12:

Step count: 7.350

LG Arms & Abs

5 minute Burpee HIIT

Saturday 10/13:

Step count: 11,039

LG Back & Biceps

Sunday 10/14:

Step count: 5,622

Taught 1 yoga class

How was your week?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #3

  1. Beth

    Oh my gosh, that is scary! I’m glad you are ok and were able to take it easy over the weekend. I hope you’re back up to regular energy soon!

  2. Sara

    I love this so much and I’m going to start my weekly workout posts again very soon! I used to do it, and include a vlog, so I don’t know how I’ll do it now but it’s coming back! But you’re doing an amazing job and you look amazing.

  3. Allison

    my goodness!!! I’m glad to hear that you’re alright! what a scary thing to happen….in public….with coworkers. sheesh! I’m happy you listed to yourself and took it easy.

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