Weekly Workout Wednesday #4

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It’s been a rough couple weeks for me health-wise. I hate to say it. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment this week which I hope will bring about some answers but with my daily headaches back, a pretty severe migraine, the sudden passing out last week, and a feeling very similar to the moment right before I passed out on Sunday (thankfully I didn’t), it’s time to figure out what’s going on and hope some questions get answered.

It feels silly to share my week of workouts with you because it was mostly rest BUT maybe these are the most important weeks to share? The ones that provide an opportunity to see that we are all HUMAN and have our days/weeks when it’s just not going to happen, when we have to listen to our bodies instead of trying to push through. This was not a week to push; it was a week for rest.

Monday 10/15:
Step count: 11,354
2 mile run
AB tabata – 4×2

Tuesday 10/16:
Step count: 2,032

Wednesday 10/17:
Step count: 4,024

Thursday 10/18:
Step count: 7,052
LG legs & abs

Friday 10/19:
Step count: 7,445
LG back & shoulders

Saturday 10/20:
Step count: 12,677

Sunday 10/21:
Step count: 11,127

I will say that Sunday morning, the boyfriend and I made our way downtown to watch the Grand Rapids Marathon. I was reminded how much I miss races. Even as someone who isn’t racing to win anything, it’s such a fun and motivating experience. Hopefully, I’ll start feeling better soon and can start thinking about some fun races for 2019.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #4

  1. Virjinia @ With Purpose and Kindness

    Oh no! I hope you get answers soon! Resting is so necessary and it’s silly that sometimes social media makes us feel bad about it. I have an injury I’m nursing so I’m switching up my workouts and working on upper body. Still taking plenty of time to rest though so it takes effort to keep it low key and not push to get back to it! Rest up and I hope the doctor has some insight for you!
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  2. Shybiker

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. And, yes, I agree we need to acknowledge our periods of rest with our periods of activity; they are all part of the same ball of wax. I admire your devotion to physical activity: it’s more important than many realize.
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