Weekly Workout Wednesday #6

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While I want to say things are getting easier, I can’t honestly say that. What I can say is that it’s in these moments of life when having a routine that I can stick to is really helpful. I know that I am going to wake up, meditate, get in my workout, shower, and go to work. Evenings are a bit more challenging but I’m trying to get in a routine there, too. Come home, catch up on personal/blog email and various projects, make dinner, maybe watch an episode of a show on Netflix (just one), make a cup of hot tea, read a book and journal before bed.

I’m also gearing up for my next fitness challenge. I love how challenges and training programs help to keep me accountable and set my workouts out for me so I don’t have to think about. Next week starts the LG Fitmas Challenge and after Thanksgiving, I’m going to dive into training for the River Bank Run which isn’t until May 2019. Who knows what the future has in store, but I’m going to train like it’s all going to happen. ha!

Anyway, moving onto my workouts from last week, let’s see how that went:

Monday 10/29:
Step count: 10,967
3 mile run
TIU daily moves – arms & abs

Tuesday 10/30:
Step count: 7,280
TIU daily moves – total body
HIIT Power

Wednesday 10/31:
Step count: 9,991
2 mile Treadmill HIIT
TIU Love Your Abs workout

Thursday 11/1:
Step count: 8,192
TIU daily moves – chest & back
Taught 2 yoga classes

Friday 11/2:
Step count: 6,507

Saturday 11/3:
Step count: 10,513
LG: Leg & Glute Circuit

Sunday 11/4:
Step count: 13,135
5k run
Taught 1 yoga class

Did you have any good workouts this week? Are you training for anything?