Weekly Workout Wednesday #7

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I’m back for another round of weekly workouts! I want to say I’m feeling better, but I can’t quite say that, honestly, especially because now I’m dealing with a cold/flu on top of the heartbreak. I’m sure the lack of sleep and good nutrition didn’t help anything. With that said, I have been continuing on with my month of self-care and while I do a lot of those things every day, it feels nice to make sure I’m making time for SOMETHING every day. Is anyone going to join me?

Anyway, I love following programs to stay accountable so this week I’m starting to follow the LG Fitmas Challenge. Skipped Monday due to lack of sleep and feeling super sick, but I’m getting ahead of myself since we’re here for LAST week’s workouts. Time to check-in!

Monday 11/5:
Step count: 5,758
TIU Daily Moves – Total Body
15 minute stationary bike
15 minute treadmill walk

Tuesday 11/6:
Step count: 11,486
2 mile HIIT treadmill run
2 rounds AB tabata

Wednesday 11/7:
Step count: 3,712

Thursday 11/8:
Step count: 10,701
2 mile walk
Taught 2 yoga classes

Friday 11/9:
Step count: 14,184
3 mile run
TIU Love Your Abs

Saturday 11/10:
Step count: 10,011
TIU Daily moves – total body
20 minute walk

Sunday 11/11:
Step count: 5,615
Teach 1 yoga class

How are you doing? Do you enjoy following a specific fitness program?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #7

  1. Charlotte

    I don’t follow any specific workout program and have at least one more week of recovery before I can get back to the gym (can’t wsit!!), but I’m impressed with your step counts! Trying to up my walking during this time in particular. Hope you feel better soon!!

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