Weekly Workout Wednesday #8

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Happy almost Thanksgiving! Do you have big plans for the holiday? Are you taking time to reflect on gratitude? I’m staying in Grand Rapids this weekend despite finding out on Monday I didn’t need to go to my full-time job today. I’m working at my second job Friday and Saturday so I thought a couple days to relax would be nice and booked myself a massage appointment. Win win!

Anyway, I’m so embarrassed to say that I thought the Lauren Gleisberg Fitmas Challenge I was following started last week, but turns out it started on Monday…oops! I followed most of week 1 (which you’ll see below) so you can already foresee next week’s workout check-in will look pretty similar. haha! I thought about just moving on to week 2, but I love the idea of doing it at the same time as everyone else. Plus, last week I was fighting a cold of sorts and probably wasn’t on my A-game. Here’s to a new week.

With that said, let’s take a look at last week’s workouts and see how they went…

Monday 11/12:

Step count: 5,751


+light stretching

Tuesday 11/13:

Step count: 5,239

LG Fitmas – Week 1/Day 1 (Legs & Booty)


*forgot my Fitbit at home 

Wednesday 11/14: 

Step count: 8,243

LG Fitmas – W1/D2 (Biceps & Triceps)


60 minute Power Yoga class

Thursday 11/15:

Step count: 13,863

LG Fitmas – W1/D3 (Shoulders & Abs)


Taught 2 vinyasa yoga classes

Friday 11/16:

Step count: 5,914


Saturday 11/17:

Step count: 6,043

60 minute Power Yoga class

Sunday 11/18:

Step count: 17,401

5k run

AB circuit

Taught 1 hot yoga class

How were your workouts last week? Anyone doing the LG Fitness challenge too?

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