Weekly Workout Wednesday #9

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I mentioned last week that this week’s workouts would probably look pretty similar to last…and they probably do. ha! But I will say that I’m enjoying following the LG Fitmas challenge and this week I’m adding in some additional training. I’m working towards increasing my running mileage again and hoping to bring more races back into my life for 2019. 19 in 2019, maybe? We’ll see about that but I do like the idea of returning to my roots, getting back outside, running more, and feeling the cardiovascular benefits all the way through.

Before I get ahead of myself though, let’s take a moment to check in on my workouts from last week…

Monday 11/19:
Step count: 9,995
LG Fitmas – W1/D1 (Legs & Booty)
Power Yoga Class

Tuesday 11/20:
Step count: 7,823
LG Fitmas – W1/D2 (Biceps & Triceps)
Easy yoga class

Wednesday 11/21:
Step count: 11,791
LG Fitmas – W1/D3 (Shoulders & Abs)

Thursday 11/22:
Step count: 11,084
5k run
Power Yoga class

Friday 11/23:
Step count: 13,194
Fitmas – W1/D5 – Upper Body

Saturday 11/24:
Step count: 7,426

Sunday 11/25:
Step count: 9,055
Power Yoga class
Taught 1 yoga class

How were your workouts last week? Anywhere that you need support?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #9

  1. Eli@CoachDaddy

    I get a zillion steps in at my part-time job at Target. It’s like having a gym membership I get paid to do (and shop!) Your Insta is amazing and influential to me! I’m going to get after it. Tomorrow. No, really!

  2. Beth

    This looks like a great week of workouts! We’ve been tracking our weight lifting and it really helps us stay on task and stay motivated too!

  3. Charlotte

    I love that you keep track of your steps per day. I need to start doing that, too. Am counting down the days until I can work out again and your workouts are keeping me motivated!

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