Weekly Workout Wrap-up + Winner

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Say that four times fast…

You wouldn’t know it from looking at my workouts this past week but it’s been a rough workout week. Not in the way of actually GETTING to the gym and GETTING the workout in, but where I am mentally when I’m there. I struggled through a mile run yesterday morning which isn’t like me. Sometimes the first mile is tough but once I hit that mile marker, I’m good to go. Not yesterday. The moment I hit one mile, I was done. I couldn’t get to the weight room and away from that treadmill fast enough. Who am I?


The good thing is I know these weeks happen; I know not to over-think or over-analyze them; I know to just let them go and move on to the next week with fresh focus and determination. But I also know I haven’t done yoga for a few weeks and I know how that affects me, mentally and physically and I’m sure that’s a factor in how I felt this week. Note to self: Do more yoga next week – trust me, you’ll thank me. 😉

Friday 1/24
20 mins stationary bike
20 mins walking
Saturday 1/25
Sunday 1/26
3.5 mile run
Monday 1/27
Strength – legs/shoulders
Tuesday 1/28
3 rounds – GPP SMABS
Wednesday 1/29
Strength – chest/triceps/abs
15 mins stationary bike
15 mins run (1.6 miles)
Thursday 1/30
Strength – back/biceps/abs
1 mile run


Now onto the winner of last week’s Pretty Muddy Mud Run giveaway…drum roll please….


Congrats Amanda! I’m excited to get a little muddy! 🙂

If there’s anyone interested in the Chicago-area event and joining my team, send me an email to kt.talkless.saymore (at) gmail (dot) com! I’d be happy to have you join!


Circling back to yoga…there was a time when I was living in LA where I did a 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I had a Living Social deal for a studio down the street from where I worked and over the course of those 30 days, I took a class a day. I tried different classes and different instructors but ultimately found a few of my favorites…one of which being Gigi Yogini. Her Wednesday classes were by far my favorite and not just because of the fresh fruit we often ate from the farmer’s market afterwards while hanging out and chatting in one another’s company. Gigi has an incredible energy about her and encourages women to love themselves and their bodies, no matter their size. She’s an incredible person, I can’t say enough good things.

From one of the Wednesday classes that ended up outside overlooking the ocean…do you spot me?

From one of the Wednesday classes that ended up outside overlooking the ocean…do you spot me?

She’s also hosting a yoga retreat in Costa Rica at the end of April. I SOOOO wish I could go, but ultimately, I’m still new in my job and don’t feel like I can take that kind of time off work yet but I wanted to share this with everyone because I honestly think this will be an incredible trip for anyone who goes! Please check out her Nature vs Nurture Retreat, info here!


How was your fitness this week? 

How do you keep yourself motivated after a rough workout (or two)?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wrap-up + Winner

  1. Captain Competition

    Got the new P90X3 and have been really motivated this week. However, I have not had much time to run and kinda bummed about that. After a bad run or workout I just put it behind me an look forward to the next. Can’t change what already happened just get better the next time.

  2. Traci

    I have finally just recently gotten back into going to the gym and thinking about fitness myself, so I’m glad I can actually answer your question! My workouts were great this week. Strength training is my favorite, and I love being sore.

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