Weekly Workouts 11/21-12/4

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You know it’s been a busy (and fun!) week when you put “write Friday blog post” on your to-do list without realizing that TODAY is Friday…yep, that just happened. But the good news is, it’s really been a killer week!

We had a few days free from events where Sam and I could explore Tennessee. We spent some time in Graceland…


…taking over Nashville…


…and now we’re hanging out in Knoxville at an all-day event! I got my butt kicked with the 6am crew and now we have a little downtime to rest before the noon class. And by rest I mean, sit in the RV outside of the box and write blog posts, send emails and make lots of phone calls. Sounds about right, right? 😉

Anyway, I’m starting to find a groove to working out on the road. It doesn’t come without it’s challenges, especially on the days I plan to run and then it rains outside but we’re getting there. The other day we stayed at a RV park where they had a “fitness center” aka they had a treadmill, bench with one barbell, 2 dumbbells, a weight machine, small trampoline and a few “as seen on TV” kinds of machines. Thankfully I don’t need much to get in a workout and we made it work.

Friday 11/21/14

16 Pike Push-ups

7 Deadlift

7 Thrusters

16 Box Jumps

32 Hang Power Cleans

35 Calorie Row


Saturday 11/22/14



Sunday 11/23/14

15:00 min AMRAP w/ partner

200m run

60 Single Unders

15 Hollow Rocks

10 Kettlebell Swings

5 Power Cleans


Monday 11/24/14



Tuesday 11/25/14

3.2 mile run


Wednesday 11/26/14



Thursday 11/27/14

3.11 mile run


Friday 11/28/14


Air Squats



1.66 mile walk


Saturday 11/29/14

Walk around a new town


Sunday 11/30/14



Monday 12/1/14

for time:

100 jumping jacks

75 air squats

50 pushups

50 mountain climbers

time: 6:31


Tuesday 12/2/14



Wednesday 12/3/14

3.25 mile run


Thursday 12/4/14

AMRAP in 5:00:

1 lap around building

20 weighted lunges

score: 2+ 8 lunges

AMRAP in 5:00:

1 min jumps

20 cleans

score: 2 + 2 cleans


It feels really good to be finding my groove and it’s definitely helping my mood. 🙂

How were your workouts this week?

What’s on the agenda for your weekend?

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  1. Betsy

    Nice workouts and I am jealous you went to GraceLand! I am happy to say I’ve been doing good with my workouts this week! Woohoo!

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