Weekly Workouts 12/5-12/11

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It’s been another week where I’ve struggled to fit my workouts in. Between the RV needing some extra attention, being in colder areas and thus outdoor runs not sounding as appealing, and making time for some fun and much needed extra sleep, my workouts just haven’t been happening quite as much as I’d like. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s less about the number of workouts and more about how my body handles the stress when I’m staying consistent.


With starting the 24 Day Challenge in January, I’m going to do more than just focus on clean eating, it’s about my overall health – active lifestyle, clean eats, and positive mentality.

Friday 12/5/14
Fight Gone Band – AMrAP in 3 rounds of:
1:00 Wall Balls (8#)
1:00 Sumo Deadlift high pulls (45#)
1:00 Box Jumps (20”)
1:00 Push Press (45#)
1:00 Calorie Row
1:00 Rest
Score: 226
Saturday 12/6/14
Sunday 12/7/14
Monday 12/8/14
Tuesday 12/9/14
3 mile run
Wednesday 12/10/14
Thursday 12/11/14
CrossFit Maximus Holiday Throwdown Event
Parter WOD – 2 mins per station:
1.Kettlebell Swings
2. Pushups
3.Goblet Squats
4.Bike for Distance
5.Dumbbell Snatch
— 3 min rest—
1.Dynamic Plate Push
2.Burpee Onto Plate
3.Plate Halos
4.Ab mat situps
5.Lunges to Ab mat
—3 min rest—
1.Barbell Push Press
2.Barbell Bent Over Row
3.Partner Deck Squats
4.P1 holds plank/P2 lateral hops over feet
5.Barbell Back Squats

How were your workouts this week?

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